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  2. monitoring should determine by itself whether the bot or the player, and not be reduced to the name-bot..! It's stupid
  3. Exactly and that's why my servers are no longer on gametracker so I can use bot names without the [BOT]. I did go down the route of using gametracker and stuck to their rules regarding bots but due to their lack of de-ranking servers that broke the bot rules or taking ages to do it I left and removed the [BOT] part of the names
  4. They usually faking gametracker stats with it, to get higher rankins. No idea why is that matter in 2022, but whatever.
  5. Yes mine do appears in server list as 5(15)/40 format. but don't understand why it is a big issue if bots appear as real players. What are they really getting away with?
  6. normally server should have player count like 5(15)/40 with bot number in (), shame some server get away with having bots appear as real players..
  7. Did you try connecting to a cracked server? Were you able to or are you still seeing the same error? Make sure the server has cracked in the name or look up cracked cod4 servers on google. If you are still getting the same error even on a cracked server than it might be worth to check a cracked cd-key from the web in the same 2 types of scenarios just to rule out completely the fact that you used an original and a cracked cd-key while trying to connect to a clean and a cracked server. That would leave you with a bit less room for speculation, it would now have to be an issue of the official authorization server or cod4x authorization server or your pc configuration or game client or network setup not allowing for proper transfer of the cd-key. But from this point on I would not be able to provide any further assistance so sorry to leave you at this stage, but someone with more technical inclination would have to help you from now on, someone working on cod4x probably ideally. Good Luck and Best Regards.
  8. didnt work, do i need a new guid?
  9. Hey guys , i asked the nameless noobs guy how to fix the generic guid issue on cod 4 and they say contact you guys. The server keeps kicking me
  10. ..STEEP

    demo problems
  11. GLKomaa

    demo problems

    messed up my iwd files so i uninstalled but kept demos on my desktop but now demos dont save and when i try to load one it just starts my cod4 mp and nothing else
  12. it displays always. And how to do it so that only from a shot?
  13. you just need to put this in maps/mp/gametypes/ I leave the code also visible if you just want to copy and paste, the file will be below to download init() { for(;;) { if((getDvar("mapname") == "mp_cargoship") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_overgrown") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_pipeline") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_vacant") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_shipment") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_killhouse") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_bloc") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_creek") || (getDvar("mapname") == "mp_farm")) { setDvar("g_TeamName_Axis", "BOTS"); setDvar("g_TeamName_Allies", "HUMANS"); } else { setDvar("g_TeamName_Axis", "BOTS"); setDvar("g_TeamName_Allies", "HUMANS"); } wait 5; } } _scoreboard.gsx
  14. self setclientdvar("g_compassShowEnemies", 1); // activated self setclientdvar("g_compassShowEnemies", 0); // off
  15. It would if you have the _scoreboard.gsx file. I created a standalone file and sent it Working for GentlemanX73 now 👍
  16. Viking

    Team names?

    this goes into the _scoreboard.gsc
  17. It was a setdvar and not setclientdvar sent you a script file in pm
  18. I have now made all changes. when I change setDvar to setClientDvar the server doesn't start anymore. I use the new experience with bots by the way, maybe i should have mentioned that in the first post!
  19. didn't work - Deleted
  20. ok, i'll give it a try! And thank you for your help!
  21. Hi Manic Miner, I entered that in globallogic.gsx, but the server doesn't want to swallow it! init() { // hack to allow maps with no scripts to run correctly if ( !isDefined( level.tweakablesInitialized ) ) maps\mp\gametypes\_tweakables::init(); if ( getDvar( "scr_player_sprinttime" ) == "" ) setDvar( "scr_player_sprinttime", getDvar( "player_sprintTime" ) ); setDvar( "g_teamname_allies", "Human" ); setDvar( "g_teamname_axis", "Bot" ); level.splitscreen = false; level.xenon = false; level.ps3 = false; level.onlineGame = true; level.console = false;
  22. also look in the _menu.gsx file for these lines(near the bottom of the file): case "allies": self [[level.allies]](); break; case "axis": self [[level.axis]](); break; case "autoassign": self [[level.autoassign]](); break; CHANGE TO: case "allies": self [[level.allies]](); break; case "axis": self [[level.allies]](); break; case "autoassign": self [[level.allies]](); break; Now whenever a player joins they will be put on HUMAN team no matter what they select
  23. you would need to assign your bots to custom in the bots cfg: set bots_manage_add "8" //amount of bots to add to the game, resets to 0 once the bots have been added set bots_team "custom" // indicates what team the bots should join: autoassign; allies; axis; custom set bots_team_amount "8" //amount of bots to have on the axis team if bots_team is set to 'custom', the rest of the bots will be placed on the allies team.
  24. setDvar("g_TeamName_Allies", "HUMANS"); setDvar("g_TeamName_Axis", "BOTS"); Do you know about the gsx script files to put these commands in?
  25. Hello, everyone I run a CoD4x bot server as a team deathmatch. Is it possible to change the names SAS, Spetsnaz, Opfor? I would like to use this in humans for one team, and bots for the other. I've already googled for it, but unfortunately couldn't find anything on the subject here! You would now be my last hope to be able to implement this, and maybe someone here can help me!? Best regards, Gentle
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